Three Sorts of Fauve

I think of fauve photos as varying in the degree to which they reflect the fauve spirit and I have classified them to reflect this. The classification is not absolute and not entirely serious. It is more a reflection of the way that I see my work.

Very Fauve photos use red very prominently.

Fairly Fauve photos are generally as vivid in their use of colour, but do not make much use of red.

The photos called Scarcely Fauve depart a long way and, as the name suggests, don't really fit into the category. The similarity, such as it is, is that most are also images which I have worked on a great deal. So at this point I am stretching the meaning of fauve. I may also sometimes sneak a conventional photograph into this category, but that is just because I like it and want to put it there...

The work is outputted in the form of giclee prints. If you'd like to buy any, please let me know.

I'd also be interested in any comments - positive or negative...

So please email me: andrew@fauvephoto.com